By subscribing to our mailing list or by joining the ICTV facebook group.
We aim to hold a meeting once or twice a week. We advertise the date on the mailing list.
It's completely up to you how much of your time you'd like to commit; we ask nothing from you. ICTV mainly exists as an outlet for you to create content (that goes up on our media/social channels).
Get in touch with us! We'll see if we can try and help you turn your idea into reality.
You can find a partial list here. For more, get in touch.
We film for hire; however, if you think that your project/event would be of benefit for ICTV to film, then there could be chance that we would film it for free, but ICTV would own all the footage. Get in touch to discuss.
If you are not an Imperial Student, then you can only hire equipment at the non-member rate. To hire equipment, we need to be informed two weeks in advance. Conditions of hire can be found here .

If you are an Imperial Student, then there are two ways you can go about that:
  • 1. Buy ICTV membership and hire at the member rate;
  • 2. Hire at the non-member rate.
Get in touch with us at ictv [at] imperial.ac.uk.
No, but if you are a member actively involved with ICTV, then you can borrow equipment for free for no more than two consecutive days at a time. Actively involved means participating in ICTV filming projects, attending ICTV meeting, and/or making contributions of your time for the development of ICTV.
The shared studio is managed by the media group. If you are a member, then you can request a booking here. You need to have a media account to log in. You get a media account automtically if you log in to any of the machines in the media hub.
You can find an up-to-date list here.
Some external students can join ICTV. In order to do so, you would need to get an Imperial College Union associate membership. After you get that, you can buy ICTV membership from the Union website. You can find more details here about obtaining an associate membership from Imperial College Union. If you encounter any issues, do get in touch with us.